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How to invite a client to Client Connect

Once you have Client Connect setup you can begin inviting the right people to subscribe to you, the relevant topics and experts within your organisation. 

In order to do this follow the simple steps below:

Select subscribe at the top of your content page

Select 'Invite'

Suggest relevant topics and authors by selecting them individually 

Insert your clients' details, a brief message explaining the invitation, your details and press send!

Once your client confirms their subscription you will receive a notification by email

And now you can select 'view stats' which will show you who is signed up to your topics/experts at an individual/team/company level. This means that when content is created that matches their preference they will be sent the latest insights at the selected frequency:

All of this means that you will forever be nurturing your most important clients and contacts with timely, relevant and expert insights! 

Here is an example of what Client Connect looks like in your inbox:


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