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Industry reports - how to reach the people that count using Passle

Having written about maximising industry reports and reaching the people that count (here) we thought it would be best to explain where Passle fits into this.

Build internal awareness of your piece

The Passle AppSee here for instructions!

or email notifications is the easiest way for all of your team/company to receive an update and share to their personal networks. 

You can also use the Passle Internal Newsletter tool to share these insights via email to different groups within the relevant team. More information on the internal newsletter tool here.

 The Passle ISTATOY feature makes it easy for your experts to share the relevant insights with their key contacts on a 1-2-1 basis. More information on how to use ISTATOY on your mobile click here and by desktop here.

Package content for communication

As Passle enables the creation of content through multiple media formats (commentary blogs, long-form blogs, audio, video and pdf) we advise that you think about bringing your report to life through different media such as: 

  • 'Podcast' style digestible interviews between colleagues or an external client or expert. 
  • If appropriate use video (or an existing video on YouTube/Vimeo etc) for the interview and upload
  • Passle the pdf report itself so the author is focusing on a specific section/page/paragraph

Full details of how to incorporate the above can be found here. For any easy to use and free piece of software to edit your audio/video please click here.

Capturing long term value through subscriptions

You might be leveraging Client Connect already (please get in touch to find out more if not) and this is a great way to deliver your insights related to the industry report through a channel or author to the right people who have signed up. The dashboard will also show the users/management who is subscribing to make sure their most important contacts are receiving updates.

Consider asking your experts to use 'Connect with your clients' to recommend their clients subscribe to the relevant right authors and channels. Details here


As we mention in our original post advertising the content to your target channels will be hugely valuable. Whilst this is a process for you to execute we do recommend leveraging the digestible, expert-led content (such as audio clips etc).


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