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How to achieve Perpetual Sales Readiness

The below piece in Forbes talks about how organisations can achieve perpetual sales readiness. What do they mean by this? In brief, they argue that Sales Enablement teams should be equipping their client-facing colleagues with insightful, valuable content, which they can share with their contacts in a timely and personalised fashion.

How does this work in practice? 

As I write this very post, I just received a push notification on my iPhone, telling me about the insight that my colleague Adam Elgar (co-Founder of Passle) has just published:

When I click on the notification, I am taken to Adam's insight. From here I can share it onto social, and very easily share it 1-2-1; directly into the pocket of my key stakeholder (via ISTATOY™, I Saw This And Thought Of You).

When I click on the envelope (highlighted above), I can choose whether I want to notify Adam that I'm leveraging his content, and whether I want to log this 1-2-1 as an activity in my CRM. From here, I can then write a personalised note to my key stakeholder (in this case 'Evelyn') which provides the context to me sending on Adam's insight:

Evelyn is thus sent something genuinely valuable and timely that shows I was listening to her in our last meeting, and demonstrates that I care (and indeed my colleagues care) about solving her problem. Of course, Adam is then pretty delighted when he receives the below message:

...and the beautiful irony of this example is that the entire process is fully compliant with GDPR.

Achieving what I like to call perpetual sales readiness means having the right content — whether for training or prospecting — for sales reps at the right time to drive buyer interactions and deliver value. Rather than having reps hunt for content, try to gear your technologies and processes to allow the content to find them. Jake Braly, VP of marketing at Highspot (a Brainshark partner), suggested this as well. “Modern buyers don't want to be on a ‘journey,’" Braly says. "They want a destination ... I will embrace a modern approach to sales enablement by equipping our sellers with insightful content at the right moments so they can add value to every buyer's purchase process and guide them to their destination.”


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