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Feature: Complete custom integration - 'Pixel Perfect' client site


Very often a new website will be commissioned based on the UX designs that are presented to the CEO, Managing Partner, CMO or whoever. But designs often do not tell the full story of the complexity of delivering any product and it is certainly true of website.

So what often happens is that once the website build begins, the project spirals in cost and time, the spec document starts to look further and further from reality.


Enhancements to Passle mean that we can now point our "Custom Design Tool" at your template design webpage. We can then pull in all of the design elements from that template & then add in the Passle content tags - such as {{Title}} or {{Page Content}} for example. 

Then you have all the Passle functionality you want - snackable insights, podcasts & video, approval processes, 100/100 SEO rating, social sharing and Apps... - AND it all looks exactly as you were promised back at the start.

By way of example, the post here could look like the image below


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