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| 1 minute read

Passle Suggestion tool - Listen, Suggest, Share - all via mobile app

Sales, customer service, client success - any client-facing people - often know more about your customers needs, challenges and demands than other people in the firm (even the really clever or senior people) because they listen to them all the time.

That is why we built a suggestion tool into the Passle App.  We wanted our users to be able to report to their colleagues - who are often subject matter experts - what it is the firm should be talking about online.  

It's really simple:

  • Client facing folk - listen and then suggest to specific individuals at their firm who they know can create content that will resonate with their customers and prospects
  • Subject Matter Experts and Senior Management - receive these suggestions and create timely, expert-led content.  They know they have been hand-picked by their client facing colleague to write this post and that it will be useful to them in driving their business.
  • The Client-facing Team then share with clients, prospects and colleagues content that is relevant and useful. They can do this via social but also one-to-one (via ISTATOY).

This process results in reinforcing the team as full of trusted advisors who listen to clients' needs.  This, in turn, leads to easier sales and better connection with clients.


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