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Powerful headlines - 11 top tips

We are often asked about Headlines and what makes a good one.  The list below is a great reference for anyone looking to improve their title writing prowess.

If I had to give one tip for a title it would be - keep it short.

  1. The point of headlines is not to be smart. Say what the post is actually about.
  2. The whole point of a headline is to intrigue the visitor - just enough for them to click.
  3. Write lots of headlines and choose the best.  The exercise will help you come up with the best words and combination.
  4. Write benefit statements - readers care about is what they will gain from reading your blog.
  5. Include a number - numbers make stuff sound official and trustworthy.  Apparently odd numbers work better as it sounds genuine.
  6. Don’t promise the world - people respond to specificity and no one’s ever going to believe anyone who claims to have the solutions to all their problems.
  7. Never give away the conclusion in the title.
  8. Write shorter headlines - according to Buffer, the ideal headline length is 6 words. Most people only read the first 3 words and last 3 words and skip the middle.
  9. Use power words in the beginning and at the end of your headline to make sure they get the maximum attention.
  10. Include unexpected and shocking words - the human brain is evolved by nature to look out for things which are unexpected or potentially harmful for us.
  11. Make a promise with a headline and then deliver.

See what I did with the headline? (could not think of how to deliver point 10) 

The difference between a good headline and a bad headline can be just massive. When we test headlines we see 20% difference, 50% difference, 500% difference. A really excellent headline can make something go viral


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