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The Passle Process

Passle makes it easy to demonstrate your clear understanding of your clients' concerns and of the industry pressures that they are under. This allows you to shape the issues for them, to deliver valuable knowledge and to position yourself as the go-to solution.

Firms using Passle do this by creating and distributing Expert-led content that is commercially-relevant to their clients in an efficient and scalable fashion.

The process for doing this effectively has three stages:

  • Listen
  • Create
  • Engage


to both the market and your clients’ needs is crucial to creating content that is helpful to them.

Passle enables customer-facing staff to suggest content, based on the challenges of the customers they talk to. Suggestions can be sent directly to a relevant expert within the firm or to Marketing. Each suggestion can be turned into short highly-relevant and timely posts. The suggestions are tracked and easily visible on both web and app so they don’t get lost in an inbox.

Content Creation is made very easy for the Authors.

Posts can be quickly created on the web or on-the-go, via the App. Authors react either to a suggestion for a post from their team or to industry news and trends. Crucially they also know that the content created will be valued by the Sales team so getting the post created is a commercial priority.


with the customer is made extremely efficient.

The content can be delivered across all channels (Web, Newsletters, Social and one-to-one) by the Sharers, ensuring that the right message is received by the right people at the right time. Once distributed, the content is tracked and reported to the Suggesters, the Creators and the Sharers so they can see the value of their work.


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