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What Passle means for Marketing, Sales, Authors & Sharers

No one team is responsible for the growth and success of the firm.

All sectors of the business are involved and bring their expertise to the table. Its the same with Passle and creating expert insights. Each part of your business has a different role to play and a different way in which Passle can help.

In this post, we will look at how people in each role can get the most from Passle, and what each role brings to the Passle process.


As the drivers of this initiative, Marketing direct the Passle process and lay out the strategy from the start. With a trained eye on the market and the firm's key accounts, marketing can ensure that everybody knows and is focusing on the same goal.

Marketing work across teams to suggest and encourage expert content creation. Perhaps the most important part marketing teams play is to share the credit and the success stories. It might be key clients engaging with content or a new blog opening up or a deal won off the back of a post. Whatever the good news is and however big or small it is - it's important to share that across the firm to energise and encourage the wider team.

Marketing benefits from Passle content in everyday campaigns and activities. Authentic and timely insights are perfect for nurturing leads, driving social media streams, promoting events and filling newsletters.

Sales & Business Development

Salespeople are out in the market building relationships and driving revenue. Sales are the energy in the Passle process. They are interacting first hand with customers and prospects challenges, their fears and their needs - as such, salespeople are best positioned to suggest content that will be valuable to their contacts and useful to progressing those deals.

Using the suggestion tool, sales will be requesting content for the experts to comment and create insights on. These bespoke and expert-written insights will help provide the value and trust needed to open doors, nudge deals and set the firm up as the trusted supplier and most obvious choice.

Salespeople effectively carrying out the Passle process are better informed, more valued communicators with their clients and are better advocates for their firms.

Sharers (The Wider Firm)

Armed with valuable expert content, the wider firm can share this out to their clients, prospects and wider network. By sharing content through social media and in 1-2-1 interactions sharers are not only helping the firm speak to the market, but are also positioning themselves as a valuable source of information.

By sharing timely and relevant insight into the markets key challenges and topics of conversation, sharers are building their profile internally and externally.

As well as sharing content, the wider firm can drive content creation by listening to what is going on in the market and using that to send suggestions to authors in the business.


If the sharers are the archers, sending out content to their networks. Authors are the arrow makers. They are making the content to reach and educate the clients and prospects that matter. It is their knowledge, expertise and opinions that help the firm deliver value and build relationships with their most important accounts.

By writing expert content authors will consistently build their own personal brand, drive important conversations and support their clients in a manner and way that they understand and value.

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