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Engaging buyers when it matters, early in their journey

Spend any time analysing buyer behaviour and you'll come across the assertion that buyers are reaching out to sellers later in their buying journey.

Whether that is driven by better information, expectations from B2C interactions or through more sceptical buyers - it means that B2B sellers are facing a new challenge.

By the time your buyer reaches out - they've already done the majority of their research, framed their problem and decided the value of your offering. 

This makes it difficult to:

  • Position your offering based on its relative strengths
  • Build the value of your offering 
  • Develop trust with your buyer

On top of this, there isn't much time left in the purchase journey to challenge your customer and reframe their challenges in a favourable manner. They want to buy and they are finding the right price instead of finding the right solution.

To engage buyers earlier in their journey, firms need to be proactively adding value. Whether that is through salespeople opening doors with helpful and relevant insight into the industry or content marketing that helps frame and explain the client challenges.


marketing, pre-launch, 8 week launch cycle, strategy