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Your Expert Influence Score Explained

our Expert Influence Score (EIS) shows how effectively you are demonstrating your expertise online and where you can improve.

Calculated across four categories, your score is determined based on your success at:

  • Building a personal profile
  • Producing expert insights
  • Sharing content with your network online
  • Sharing your content Expert-to-Expert

Developing your expert-to-expert influence will help you nurture your key clients and prospects in a highly targeted way with one goal in mind: driving business growth.

Here's what adds up to your Expert Influence Score and ways to improve them:

You can find your Expert Influence Score from the following link: View Your Expert Influence Score.

Suggestion: Set yourself a goal

You get 10 points for setting your goal. This is the number of posts you want to commit to creating over a defined timeframe - i.e. 1 post every 2 weeks. Passle will deliver reminders to keep you on track with your commitment, ensuring consistency and helping to achieve your business objectives. 

Set your Passle goal from the following link: Set your Goal

Your Passle Team Page

You can find what your goal is set to and see how your colleagues are getting on with their EIS to share best practices and identify what is potentially working for them:


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