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Building a firm-wide process for expert insights

Experts, by nature of their knowledge and market understanding, are in high demand. Expert content is often the last thing on their agendas, despite being reusable at scale and highly valuable for nurturing deals.

By taking an extremely targeted team approach, firms can be enormously effective in addressing this issue.

The key to this process is creating a virtuous circle. 

It starts when someone in close contact with the customer, possibly business development or sales perceives a potential need at a known client or prospect. They discuss how they could help with the relevant expert at their firm. The Expert writes a few words commenting on how this need exists, in a broader sense and how a specific approach has been seen to help. 

From here, the BD can now share the content directly with the prospect. Of course, few pain points are unique to one client so the content can be shared with others experiencing similar issues.

Since the content was written with the needs of a specific person in mind, it is generally of great value to them. This often means that they feel a need to reciprocate either by saying "thank you" or engaging in some way.

The point of this approach is that it demonstrates three things: 

  • that the BD was listening to the client
  • the Expert understands the clients problems and the solutions
  • that the organisation as a whole is expert in this specific area.

It also advances the sales pipeline, ensuring that the Sales people request more content from the SMEs, which closes the virtuous circle and drives the required behaviours for the company. 


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