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63% say they are “totally capable” of developing an RFP based on content they find themselves

New research from Forrester

tells us that 68% of B2B buyers prefer to conduct online research on their own, with 63% of them doing so using mobile devices.

Customers are smarter and more independent in their decision-making than ever, which means the content we create to inform them needs to be relevant, relatable and quick off the mark.

Content creation has always been a tricky situation to navigate, particularly when trying to share insights on behalf of those in your business.

Any marketer worth their salt understands the importance of staying in touch with the markets ever-changing trends. As the markets change, so do your customers and their needs, and the truth of the matter is that nobody knows this better than the guys out there selling your product or service.

By empowering individuals throughout your business to share their thoughts and insights you can create a self-sufficient network that sparks conversation, encourages engagement and ultimately results in the development of long-standing sustainable relationships.

The modern customer needs marketers and sales reps to start a new relationship with them, and that relationship relies on the B2B marketing content you create and disperse among your audience.


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