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Passle Refresher Tutorials - JOIN NOW!

In response to growing demand across the Passle network, we are now running 30 minute training/refresher tutorials for users wanting to get set up and creating content  every week!

Every Wednesday at 15:00 British Summer Time (10:00am EST) here). These webinars are a great opportunity for the experts in your firm to understand how the technology works, review best practice from across the network, and go through any particular questions they have 1-2-1 with the Passle team.

the Passle team will be hosting a live training webinar (find the link to register

What to expect from these Webinars:

  1. Allow your experts to get trained remotely, when it suits them - We know that coordinating calendars and getting everyone together at once can be a challenge for your teams internally. Giving your experts the freedom to get trained when it best suits them means less time spent aligning calendars and ensures that nobody misses out.
  2. We only need 30 minutes of your time - Understandably, the experts in your firm are exceptionally busy and time-poor. These webinars require only 30 minutes of your experts' time and our team will be on hand after the training for any questions or help. 
  3. You can drop in to ask any questions - If you, or any others in your firm have specific questions, our Client Success team are available to answer any questions using the Q&A box available throughout the training. Feel free to drop-in and use this functionality if you have any questions or require assistance.

You can easily join our webinars by selecting a day which suits you using the link below:

Join the Passle Training Webinar

If you have any questions please get in touch with your Client Success Consultant or email


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