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| 1 minute read

Share views, not Shares

Over the last couple of years the major social networks have variously changed and disabled the sharing statistics from their clients content.

As a result, at Passle we have had a long hard think about what exactly these numbers mean.

With the growth of the automation of social content (basically the new Spam), we were keen to ensure that our statistics were both meaningful and real-time. We know that the speed to feedback is critical to a good user experience - and to promoting the behaviours that our customers want.

With this in mind our customers will now see the 'Share View' numbers rather than the 'Shares' figures that they saw previously.

The benefits of this are:

1. It shows the benefit of sharing rather than the action of sharing. The number now shows your customers & prospects clicking through on your content from the social networks.

2. Our stats are now in real time. On the App in particular this is very satisfying. You can see the value of posting, sharing and newsletters in the here and now.

By a weird coincidence, the Share View numbers that we now get will be very similar to the Share numbers we had before:

A LinkedIn Share has historically resulted in a little over one read of the content.

A Twitter Share has resulted in a little under one read.


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